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Adidas Ultraboost VC #2.jpg
Adidas Ultraboost VC #4.jpg
Adidas-Create VC 02.jpg

CREATE- is self initiated visual communication experiment, The aim was to create a new visual harmony for two well known of Adidas running shoes using latest graphic design trends yet Adidas feel and look. 

Flat design combined with 3d graphic style promote the high level of Adidas products and create an easy eye-tracking, guiding visuals inside Adidas stores as a merchandising visuals ensuring a relaxing Journey to sale inside the retails.


Adidas-Create VC 01.jpg
Adidas-Create VC 04.jpg
Adidas Ultraboost VC #1.jpg

This Experimental design  project was created to approach new layout design, 3D Design trends and color palettes all combined to build new visual communication styles.

Pencil. Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, Arnold Render and Zbrush are the tools behind the visual process.

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