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Adidas-Mo Salah


Concept-Graphic design-Product Design

Creating a new communication medium to tell a beautiful story about a beautiful human being and a world class footballer Mo Salah, A story to bring all Egyptians together after the biggest disappointment in Egyptian football in African Nations Cup and spread a recharge message was our core own idea behind the A 100 million loves #100millionsstrong initiative.

A ball which was signed by different Egyptians from different social classes to motivate, inspire, show love for Mo the Captain and for the National team

"A 100 million loves" 

MO 100M 05.gif
IG post.jpg
AG Screening-09.jpg
MO 100M 01.gif
MO 100M 06.gif
MO 100M 03.gif
MO 100M 04.gif
MO 100M 07.gif
MO 100M 02.gif
MO 100M 05.gif
MO 100M 01.gif
MO 100M 09.gif
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We chose a first ever of its kind medium in advertising to tell our story a match ball, such a long relationship between Egyptians and football culture made the communication organic and natural, All Egyptians came together around one common symbol to expres their support to the national team after the biggest flop of Egyptian football history, A recharge message to keep up the good spirit among the national team, We gave them a 100 million signed ball.

MO 100M 15.gif




The Campaign was aired by Egypt and Liverpool mega star Mo Salah through SM different channels. earned around 12 Millions impressions in a few hours 

Client: Adidas

Global Brand Marketing Manager: Fabian Staudinger

Global Brand Marketing Football Players & Clubs: Julien Lanfrey

Junior Global Product Marketing Manager: Abel Gizaw

Art Director/Graphic Designer BU Football: Abdelrahman Galal

Think Ants

Creative Director: Marwan Hussein

Managing Director: Mohamed Abdallah

Art Director: Abdelrahman Galal-Adidas HQ

Director : Manal Awad Elgendy

Dop: Ahme Zanfal

Executive Producer: Ayman Naguib

Producer: Amr Mokhtar

Special thanks

Mohamed Medhat

Ahmed Thabet

And Moustapha El Halawany

Edit & Subtitles : Sameh Nassar

Colorist: Kamal EL Mallah

Sound mixing and design:

Mohamed Salah Buzz Studios

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