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Swipe Up

& Pair Up

Instagram Stories-website

The Idea first will be launched on Instagram taking the audience through the same experience by releasing two different accounts @PairUp_Left and @PairUp_Right. to be ordered separately through 

PairUp Walk in my shoes-Digital.jpg

Pair Up

Walk in my shoes


Experience design-Product Design-Graphic Design

is a project made to encourage people embrace diversity and cultural differences like never

Sneaker is the Canvas
Sneakers have been used as a fashion statement for decades. Now it’s a bout time to make a
much needed statement .


The world’s First sneakers line dedicated to every country. Each model’s design adapting &
representing certain culture,BUT not even a matched pair, since every country is only available
as left or right !

PairUp Walk in my shoes-print.jpg
PairUp-Walk in my shoes Case Board A.Gal

Communication and Packaging Design

01 strip.png
A new canvas

Sbagotom from India    স্বাগতম

A single pair from India tells stories from land of

there’s something for everyone”

Half a pair from India
Half a pair from India

Salam from Iran  سلام  

A single pair from Iran tells stories from land of “the world is two days”


JAMBO from Kenya

A single pair from Kenya tells stories from land of contrast.


Metsherfin Morocco   متشرفين

A single pair from Morocco tells stories from land of “Take pleasure from the simple things”


Salam from Palestine

A single pair from Palestine tells stories from land of
“ The aroma of bread at dawn”


PRIDE - Love is Love

A single pair from “all colors”

The rainbow is a part of nature, and you have to be in the right place to see it.

Pride love is love
Pride love is love

Refugee Nation - The Nation of “HOPE”

A single pair from everywhere tells stories from the Nation of “HOPE ”

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