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Naturally Adaptive
Faber Castell-Germany


Print-Digital Campaign-MASE School

I was honored to be asked to create a visual campaign for Faber Castell Color pencil products, The campaign was mainly targeting artists and graphic designer whom are using color pencils to create their art pieces and prototyping their ideas.

True colors and high quality pencils are the main brand message of Faber castell. The type of papers or canvases are the criterion that defines 
the quality of color pencils. How color pencils are giving true colors on any canvas.


The solution was embeded in nature, Using chameleon’s skin as a metaphor of different canvases to communicate how natural and easy adapted products can be used on any type of canvases.

Using the beautiful chameleon was fun and handy way to play around different color tones/textures and create stunning visuals that  communicate the message.
Pencil. Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, Arnold Render and Zbrush are the softwares
behind the visuals.


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