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Multi-sole shoes

Design for Good-Product Development


Every year, we manufacture 20 billion shoes and throw away 300 million of them. Just by buying less shoes, we can drastically reduce our carbon footprint. But there’s only one problem - how do you convince a sneakerhead that they need less shoes? That's why we created the world's most versatile shoe—the multi-sole. Check out our new kicks below.

Adidas-Multi sole shoe Caseboard.jpg
Presenting soles 04.jpg
Presenting soles 02.jpg
Presenting soles 03.jpg
Presenting soles 01.jpg
mkg of.jpg
mkg of3.jpg
mkg of2.jpg
mkg of4.jpg

Launched by Adidas, these shoes allow shoe lovers to still sport different looks with the same shoe thus greatly reducing the carbon footprint. The new line is made available online and in Adidas stores across the world.

The final artwork was done using Cinema 4D, Arnold, Zbrush and Adobe CC.     



Art Director-Digital Artist

Abdelrahman Galal


Samar Singh

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