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Pair Up

Walk in my shoes

Experience Design-Product Design-UI/UX

Digital Marketing

Online Launch: 

Instagram Stories-website

Swipe Up & Pair Up

Communicating the Diversity core message of  Walk in my  shoes by mismatching culture based designed shoes, We do it the same way yet more engaging through Instagram we created two separated accounts @PairUp_Left and @pairUp_right. each promotes either right or left collections. We created half posts and half stories Swipe Up & Pair Up.

PairUp Walk in my

Online Store

Web Design-Journey to sale 

By creating interactive web site which has two Halves homepages in one to follow the unique product message.  allowing customers to pair up from tens of culture based designed shoes, each shoes has further information of what insights and culture background it came from.

PairUp Walk in my shoes-print.jpg
PairUp-Walk in my shoes Case Board A.Gal

Pair Up

Walk in my shoes


Experience design-Product Design-Graphic Design

is a project made to encourage people embrace diversity and cultural differences like never

Sneaker is the Canvas
Sneakers have been used as a fashion statement for decades. Now it’s a bout time to make a
much needed statement .


The world’s First sneakers line dedicated to every country. Each model’s design adapting &
representing certain culture,BUT not even a matched pair, since every country is only available
as left or right !

01 strip.png

Communication and Packaging Design

A new canvas

Sbagotom from India    স্বাগতম

A single pair from India tells stories from land of

there’s something for everyone”

Half a pair from India
Half a pair from India

Salam from Iran  سلام  

A single pair from Iran tells stories from land of “the world is two days”


JAMBO from Kenya

A single pair from Kenya tells stories from land of contrast.


Metsherfin Morocco   متشرفين

A single pair from Morocco tells stories from land of “Take pleasure from the simple things”


Salam from Palestine

A single pair from Palestine tells stories from land of
“ The aroma of bread at dawn”


PRIDE - Love is Love

A single pair from “all colors”

The rainbow is a part of nature, and you have to be in the right place to see it.

Pride love is love
Pride love is love

Refugee Nation - The Nation of “HOPE”

A single pair from everywhere tells stories from the Nation of “HOPE ”

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