Pair Up

The diversity shoes

Experience design

Why ?

Everyday our world is increasingly diverse. The diversity of religion, race, gender, culture etc. are things that are bound to be different from person to person that we meet.
People or ideas that are different than our own often create discomfort for fear of the unknown.


is the visual way we as designers communicate with the world, so what we put into the world visually will attract its equivalent energy.

When we intentionally design experience for people who interact with our designs, it is essential to make them positive and memorable.


Dariana Moreira
from Pattern Euphoria- A book by Wang Shaoqiang 


Observing, engaging, and empathizing are keys to understand people we are designing for, their experiences and motivations. 

We unconsciously and gradually derive pleasure from the fact that we are constructing our singularity and character who we are, our beliefs, and why we are here – based on our taste and choices.


We’re always on a constant quest to be unique, to discover who we’re, and to form our identity.

Understanding our design preferences is one of the best tools that we unconsciously use to trigger self-discovery.

Dariana Moreira
from Pattern Euphoria- A book by Wang Shaoqiang 

The Shoebox

Packages also have designed to be sold separately each half has its own shoe-box design.

Further information about the countries are being printed on the box sides such as stories, songs, poems, insights and so on to make people aware about the country.

Sbagotom from India    স্বাগতম

A single pair from India tells stories from land of

there’s something for everyone”

JAMBO from Kenya

A single pair from Kenya tells stories from land of contrast.

Salam from Iran  سلام  

A single pair from Iran tells stories from land of “the world is two days”

Metsherfin Morocco   متشرفين

A single pair from Morocco tells stories from land of “Take pleasure from the simple things”

Refugee Nation - The Nation of “HOPE”

A single pair from everywhere tells stories from the Nation of “HOPE ”

PRIDE - Love is Love

A single pair from “all colors”

The rainbow is a part of nature, and you have to be in the right place to see it.

Salam from Palestine

A single pair from Palestine tells stories from land of
“ The aroma of bread at dawn”

Graphic Studies & Mood boards 

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