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Be all ears-Sennheiser

Ambeo 3d smart headset

sennheiser ambeo 3d is a smart headset you can capture and share the world just as you experience it. The ear pieces are fitted with high-quality microphones, letting you create videos with stunning 3D sound on your iOS device.

The main target audience are bloggers, athletes and all kind of digital content creators.

The visual concept came after we experienced the stunning product, It inspired us with the main idea behind the campaign. The product gives you the experience of hearing all sounds coming from everywhere,

we were able to identify where the sound has been recorded, the environment and the feeling, Just put the headset and you’re there.

The 3D music experience was incredibly amazing you’re able to hear each instrument clearley and effortlessly.

The final artwork was done using Cinema 4D, Arnold, ZBrush and
Adobe CC.     


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