SQUEEZE - Adidas

Motivation visual series for athletes

Changing behaviors and trigger instincts are one of main roles behind visual communication.

The problem of any athlete is that almost all sports activities are a long term activity it should be part of your daily/weekly routine, Athletes (including me) sometimes get bored, lazy and demotivated because of some reasons like work stress, lake of company and weather conditions. And that’s the message behind SQUEEZE.

SQUEEZE is One of my favorite projects, It was created to motivate athletes everywhere to do their best in the game, Run, Dunk, Hit snd Score.

Believe in your strength and get the hell out of it, sweating is just a warming up, Go squeeze it !

The visuals were designed to be so dynamic, catchy and energetic to deliver the essence behind.
Pencil. Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, Arnold Render and Zbrush are the tools behind the visuals.


© 2020 Abdelrahman Galal

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